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A food with a sexy name

I was a kid with weird eating habits. For example I hated rice pilaf but adored plain boiled rice, like the kind they eat in Japan or China. I also despised anything that has rice in it as an ingredient like rice pudding (which I still can’t stand to this day), any green leafy vegetables […]

Veiled rice pilaf
Grains & Pasta

Rice pilaf with a delicious veil

Since COVID-19 pandemic started, probably like most of you, I missed travelling the most. I keep on remembering my past travels both in Turkey and outside. Reminiscing about these travels also reminds me of the wonderful local dishes I’ve tasted, the warm and hospitable people I have met and the stories I have collected. The […]

Homemade cheese

Homemade cheese: the simplest kind

A very small step for humankind but a huge step for me…I made cheese. Well, I’ve made it ages ago but realized that I have neglected to tell you how I’ve made it. It is the simplest kind that there is but still I may have taken it up a notch with my additional flavorings. […]

Siyez Bulgur Pilaf with Sucuk, Onions and Peppers
Grains & Pasta

Never stop learning and get inspired

Culinary world is a high ego environment. I have witnessed many people from every aspect of the culinary profession who thinks they are better and know more than the others. I believe the opposite. I believe that there is always someone better than me and I can always learn more. Thinking there is always someone […]

masterchef at work

How I became a Masterchef Turkey Fan

I don’t consider myself an avid television watcher. Except for the important news on local channels, informational or documentary-type programs on Japan’s national channel, and my favorite detective dramas broadcasted on foreign channels/ I especially don’t watch competition programs or game shows. The main reason why I don’t watch them is that I don’t gain […]

Eggplant pasta
Grains & Pasta

Leftover ingredients for a lovely pasta dish

Between my master’s classes and teaching, I got quite busy and neglected to update my beloved blog. Well here I am, wanting to share the lovely pasta dish I made with some leftover ingredients at hand: a sad little eggplant (I usually don’t buy ingredients out of season but these were so fresh and small […]

Bulgur rice with chestnuts
Grains & Pasta

Let’s keep our hopes up in 2021!

Every year without a fail, I get depressed on New Year’s Day. I don’t really know why, but no matter where I am or how wonderful I had spent the previous night, this has been my routine. I guess I get sad when things are over and ‘a year’ may be one of those things. […]


Saturday night dinner with leeks

I love writing in my new blog but I am in the midst of trying to finish my master’s classes this semester that I barely have any free time. Hopefully when February rolls around I will be done with classes and will start my thesis, hoping that might give me a bit more free time […]