About Me

I am a natural born eater with a keen interest in food history.  After spending several years abroad running an Italian restaurant as the kitchen manager, I’ve decided to return to my roots in Istanbul to re-connect with my own food culture.

Now it has been a long time since I’ve been back, and through professional work and my own research I have done my fair share of learning which still continues until today.  I have to admit that as Turks, we have not done much to introduce our food culture abroad, therefore we are only known for our “döner kebab” and “şiş kebap” but believe me there is so much more than that.

The vast geography that the Turks have lived in the past, has enabled them to develop a very rich culinary culture. Living on one of the fertile lands in the world, the Anatolia, Turkey still maintains that rich culinary culture with the finest of the ingredients grown on this land.

This is Banu Özden. The owner of Spoon In My Pocket, which offers amazing food tours in Istanbul.

Through these walks my aim is to at least show you a glimpse of Turkish cuisine by explaining the way Turks eat, what they eat together with history associated with the food. I have been running these walks since 2009 and it gives me great pleasure to introduce as much as I can about Turkish cuisine to food enthusiasts all over the world. When I am not touring I work full -time as a culinary culture researcher on Turkish cuisine at a non-profit organization. I also write regularly on prominent food and airline magazines and attend food conferences around the world.

You might be wondering about the spoon….Well the spoon is the oldest eating utensil, and happens to be my favourite.

Hope to meet you one day and take you on a delicious walk!

Warm wishes,

Banu Özden


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