Beyoğlu Street Food Walk

Duration: 3 hours

Times: 12:00 – 15:00 or 17:00 – 20:00

(Offered everyday except on Sundays)

Simit Cart at the shore of Beyoğlu
Midye Dolma in Beyoğlu
Kokoreç in Beyoğlu

This culinary experience is for the adventurous eater. Walking around the city, you will notice different types of street food that seems intriquing and smells good, but you do not want to risk your holiday by getting food poisoning.

If you are really into trying the food but don’t want to risk your health, get a help from a local, who knows all about the food and the safest places to eat them.

The walk starts with a light snack, called simit, the oldest street food in history of Turkish street food. To continue you will taste several different local street foods and drinks, including the famous offals that is on top of the popularity list!  We will also meet the sellers, each of whom have a different story attached to the food they are selling.

History of the food is also explained during the walk. Continuing into the famous Beyoğlu Fish Market, we will visit the specialty food shops, where the trade passes from father to son. Some of the practices do not even exist anymore, yet these shop owners still use the traditional techniques to make their products right on the premises.

Our walk will end with a rich cup of Turkish coffee to help digest all the wonderful food tasted.