Spice Market Experience in Eminönü

Duration: 4 hours

Times      : 10:00 – 14:00

(Offered everyday)

Baked bread in a bakery in Eminönü
Two cups of delicious Ayran
The shop owner is preparing the Kebab for his guests

Year; 1660, place; Eminonu port, large Genovese, French and Egyptian ships, unload their merchandise, that mostly consist of spices.  Near the port, stands an “L” shaped building with small domes, that houses the spice shops.

Throughout history, spices were used in making of medicine, or to add aroma to the dishes. Our walk starts right in the middle of all the spices, and other foodstuff, that is the foundation of Turkish food culture. Your food expert will explain about different spices and how they were used in traditional Ottoman and Turkish cooking.

In the Spice Market Experience in Eminönü we will also visit the oldest Turkish coffee shop, one of the oldest delis, the shop where Turkish delight was born and  get a taste of the traditional Eminönü street food and eat at some of the most historic restaurants that have been around since the 1920’s.

The day will end with a nice cup of Turkish coffee at the nostalgic atmosphere of Sirkeci Train station, where the famous Orient Express once left for it’s journeys.