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Market day and beets
Vegetables & Salads

Market day and beets

My favorite neighborhood farmer’s market is on Thursdays.  This market consists of only two stalls, I think run by two brothers. One of the brothers, Soner, quite a charming guy I must add, brings most of produce from his family farm located in the outskirts of Istanbul. Every Thursday morning before my classes begin, right […]

Savoury Red Lentil Bread
Desserts & Savoury Pies

Savoury Red Lentil Bread

Hello all, Recently I have returned from a three week vacation of home stays. In this pandemic times, my family and I were actually scared to take any type of public transportation including a plane and stay in a hotel even though they are advertised as safe. We drove to the southwest part of Turkey […]

Gözleme - flat bread
Grains & Pasta

Autumn and Pine Trees

After starting this brand and leading over two hundred gastronomical walks around Istanbul and around Turkey, since 2009, I have neglected to write in my blog. Maybe  I would have been one of those world famous bloggers had I not been slacking all this time. Shame on me! Today I start with this blank page… […]

Balık çorbası
Fish & Seafood, Soups

Tours and Detours Radio Show

Today I had a radio interview that will be taped in Istanbul but aired in Philadelphia sometime in November. The program is called “Tours and Detours” with Birtan Colliers. We talked about Turkish cuisine and the new food trends in Istanbul. Then my colleague talked about the natural and organic products of the company that […]

Meeting Colman Andrews

Meeting Colman Andrews

This year in April, I was in U.S.A., visiting four different cities to give lectures on history of Turkish cuisine, do cooking demonstrations and also attend Roger Smith Conference on Food Technology, where I gave a presentation on “Olive Oil Extraction Techniques used in Western Anatolia”. At the end of my trip I paid a […]

Kadıköy, çorba, kavurmalı

Kadıköy Dürümcü Emmi

It is one of those days and I am a tourist in Istanbul with my best friend. I wanted to go to the Asian side and take a walk on the shore road by Moda and then go to eat at a place that I have been hearing about for a long time. We took […]