Spice Market in Eminönü

In this section you will find my version recipes of the food that was offered or explained during the Eminönü and Spice Market walk.  In order to replicate the food that you have tasted, you may need to purchase some special ingredients before leaving Turkey. At the bottom of the recipes you may find information as to where to get the unique Turkish ingredients.

Make sure to read the entire recipe before starting cooking. As a suggestion; gather the ingredients first, make the necessary preparations (this is called mise-en-place in the professional world), and then start cooking. This will cut your cooking time by half.

Under the recipe titles the abbreviations used represent whether the recipe is vegetarian (V) or gluten free (GF).

→ Adana Dürüm (The beef wrap)

→ Lokum (Turkish Delight)

→ Pastırmalı Yumurta (Eggs sunny side up with Turkish salt cured beef)

→ Şakşuka (Fried eggplant with peppers and tomato sauce)

→ Patlıcan Salatası (Roasted eggplant salad)

→ Halka Tatlısı (Fried dough soaked in syrup)

→ Türk Kahvesi (Turkish coffee)

→ Acıbadem Kurabiyesi (Almond cookies)