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Homemade cheese

Homemade cheese: the simplest kind

A very small step for humankind but a huge step for me…I made cheese. Well, I’ve made it ages ago but realized that I have neglected to tell you how I’ve made it. It is the simplest kind that there is but still I may have taken it up a notch with my additional flavorings. […]

Siyez Bulgur Pilaf with Sucuk, Onions and Peppers
Grains & Pasta

Never stop learning and get inspired

Culinary world is a high ego environment. I have witnessed many people from every aspect of the culinary profession who thinks they are better and know more than the others. I believe the opposite. I believe that there is always someone better than me and I can always learn more. Thinking there is always someone […]

Grains & Pasta

Inspirations and spinach rolls

I get inspiration from recipes I read or I hear from my friends and relatives. I also get inspired from my food idols whom I follow on instagram, some I know personally, like dear Karima Moyer whom I had the pleasure of meeting during this year’s Dublin Gastronomy Symposium. I have been closely following her […]